A Mother’s Guide to Car Seats and a Busy Morning

Do you know who’s busier than a Doctor, CEO or President? A mother. Take a look at my hectic schedule today and you’ll see how with the proper car seat, it’s made a little bit easier.

It’s Monday morning 6 am, and I’m already up. It may seem way too early for some, however to get a quick workout in, it’s crucial. Since the little ones are still sleeping (and so is my husband), it’s the perfect time to head for a quick run. I grab the dog with my running shoes and jog around the block for half an hour. I am home by 6:30 am and head straight for a shower; followed by moisturizing and painting a masterpiece… also known as doing my makeup. Luckily, I am done by 7:15 am, dressed and greeted by my lovely husband.

Now here’s the real mission. It is 7:15 am and the children will be awake by 8 am. Within the 45-minute window, I have to make breakfast, pack an appetizing lunch, answer work emails, grab my own work files, and most importantly, drink a cup of coffee. Sounds like a mission only a mom can achieve, and so I did with 5 minutes to spare. As the kids wake up, I get them quickly dressed and straight to the breakfast table.

As we finish our breakfast, I give everyone their customized lunch, and we’re out the door by 8:30 am. The next step of the game plan is to drop the kids off at daycare, and then my husband to his firm.

Finally, the easiest part of my day is placing the little ones in their car seats. It is every parent’s priority to purchase the proper car seat for his or her child. The car seat must be secure so that the child cannot get out, while still being comfortable, like the maxi cosi tobi. Alongside, it must be sturdy and properly designed to protect the child in case of a collision. The different design between a poor and secure car seat can save the life of your child.

With a schedule like mine, the last thing I have to worry about is my child’s car seat. I know I have picked the best model for my little ones, and am able to relax knowing that they’re safe.