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A Mother’s Guide to Car Seats and a Busy Morning

Do you know who’s busier than a Doctor, CEO or President? A mother. Take a look at my hectic schedule today and you’ll see how with the proper car seat, it’s made a little bit easier.

It’s Monday morning 6 am, and I’m already up. It may seem way too early for some, however to get a quick workout in, it’s crucial. Since the little ones are still sleeping (and so is my husband), it’s the perfect time to head for a quick run. I grab the dog with my running shoes and jog around the block for half an hour. I am home by 6:30 am and head straight for a shower; followed by moisturizing and painting a masterpiece… also known as doing my makeup. Luckily, I am done by 7:15 am, dressed and greeted by my lovely husband.

Now here’s the real mission. It is 7:15 am and the children will be awake by 8 am. Within the 45-minute window, I have to make breakfast, pack an appetizing lunch, answer work emails, grab my own work files, and most importantly, drink a cup of coffee. Sounds like a mission only a mom can achieve, and so I did with 5 minutes to spare. As the kids wake up, I get them quickly dressed and straight to the breakfast table.

As we finish our breakfast, I give everyone their customized lunch, and we’re out the door by 8:30 am. The next step of the game plan is to drop the kids off at daycare, and then my husband to his firm.

Finally, the easiest part of my day is placing the little ones in their car seats. It is every parent’s priority to purchase the proper car seat for his or her child. The car seat must be secure so that the child cannot get out, while still being comfortable, like the maxi cosi tobi. Alongside, it must be sturdy and properly designed to protect the child in case of a collision. The different design between a poor and secure car seat can save the life of your child.

With a schedule like mine, the last thing I have to worry about is my child’s car seat. I know I have picked the best model for my little ones, and am able to relax knowing that they’re safe.

Caution on Musical Fisher Price Play Mats

 Caution on Musical Fisher Price Play Mats

I noticed that some of the biggest selling items on Amazon are the Fisher Price play mats,  they are intended to be a musical keyboard on which children can use their feet to make music. Children step on the mat to engage the musical tunes. They are usually able to play a programmed set of tunes or switch to played independently and creatively.

Top on the list for musical Fisher Price Play mats is the:

It boasts:

Im gonna tell you right off the bat, dont purchase this item, at least not for several months.  I say this because apparently what is shown in the images on the box and in their ads is not an actual depiction of the product.

Im not sure what put this meant so high on the Amazon sellers list that should no longer be considered such for the biggest a reason of all:


Comments on Amazon have made it very apparent that the description of this product is not anything like what is actually received.

Apparently, the size of the keyboard is grossly overestimated compared to the actual product.  The product image of these Fisher Price play mats show that the keyboard is being used by two children at the same time.  This would be impossible given the image the the right which is an actual image of what was received by one customer.

As you can see, not only is it small but the whole shape is different. Perhaps there is a temporary problem with manufacturing Fisher Price play mats in what was the original design.  Nevertheless, its never a good thing when you dont get what you expect because you often cant use it as you had planned to.

These Fisher Price play mats are up being listed as Fisher Price Dancing Tunes Music Mat and Fisher Price KFP2092 Dancing Tunes Music Mat Toy.  The Kids Station Dancin Tunes Music Mat Music Set is actually the music mat that is being shipped.  Again the images showed two sizable youngsters on the same mat (obviously this will be impossible even the image above).  These are virtually the same items, and items I urge you to stay away from.

Bad people and the same

There has never been a greater time to look into internet marketing for beginners as yes, you can make money online.

With the technological advancement within the online marketing community there are no longer any valid excuses for anyone to say that it would be impossible to be a successful internet marketer.

There are thousand of people from all over the world that are looking towards the internet as a means to improve on their financial status, and it does not matter where they may live, the color of their skin, how much money they have or dont have in that bank, may they be man or woman, high class, low class and yes it does not matter how old a person is, as all walks of life are seeing the possibility of success online.

I think one of the biggest reasons that people do not take the leap is that they are afraid of being scammed and lose a lot of their money, and no doubt this is a valid reason for not wanting to become involved as in all walks of life it is good to be a healthy skeptic.

As in all walks of life you have your good and bad people and the same can be said for online marketers. But there are also some great, honest, hard working people within the online community that are willing to help teach you the ropes on how to build a successful online business.

It is a good idea to become an investigative reporter when you first get the idea on making money online. Take your time and investigate all the sites and persons to see if they can be trusted. Check out different people within the Facebook community. look around in Google and see if that person you are interested in has a reputation good or bad.

It is all about taking your time and being wise and careful, follow your gut and remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.